Welcome to Topaz Magpie!

My interest in jewellery is a long-held one, but I only took the step to start making a few years ago; prior to that my creativity was expressed through sewing and calligraphy. My ideas and inspiration come from the natural world around me in my corner of Cornwall and my native Northumberland: the views from the coastal path, the local beaches, woodland, moorland, wildlife and folk tales. Each item of jewellery I create is handmade from precious metal and will be a unique piece which you won’t find anywhere else.

Before coming to jewellery making I spent time studying, taking MAs in English Literature and Librarianship; I also worked as a librarian in further and higher education, and as a yoga teacher.

I have lived in Cornwall since 1998, where I share a home with my family and small menagerie of pets.

Ailsa x